Vocal Arts- Please click here to see more about our Vocal Artists

Students will explore the fundamentals of vocal arts.

Visual Arts- Please click here to see more about our Visuals Artists

Students will explore the core fundamentals of Visual Art. They will create thoughtful 2D and 3D creative work, integrating concepts such as form, texture, value, line, composition, color, as well as concept. Students will also study art history and famous works of art. Students will apply different techniques and mediums to produce quality work. Students will also spend some time exploring visual arts colleges and careers in order to learn where they can apply the skills they learned in Visual Arts. By the end of the year, students should have a portfolio of personal artwork.


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Physical Education/Health

In Health, students will learn about a myriad of topics that relate directly to issues they will encounter in their middle school years. The class is designed to provide knowledge and experiences, which will enable them to make choices which will have a positive impact on their health. Units covered include, but are not limited to, communicable diseases, wellness, eating healthy, tobacco, drugs, skeletal system, human body, organs, muscular fitness, and fitness.

In Physical Education, students will practice team sports and physical fitness activities. The students receive instruction in rules, skills and strategies associated with the different sports as well as learning experiences involve physical conditioning activities. The students will also have the opportunity to become involved in lifelong physical activities through individual sports. We pronit the spirit of competition, leadership, fair play and friendly competition.

Instrumental Music

We have two wonderful instrumental music teachers that visit our school once a week each.  The primary focus is on the development, continuation, and expansion of basic skills begun the previous year that are necessary for effective instrumental music performance. In addition to large group ensembles, individual growth and achievement are also encouraged. Students practice topics/skills which include:

Embouchure and Tone Development
Counting, timing, and rhythmic development
Reading and notation skills, including sight reading
Introduction of Scales • Simple Music Theory
Development of an extensive vocabulary of musical terms and symbols
Ear training and listening skills
Equipment care and maintenance
Effective practice habits