6th Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the Sixth Grade Academy at Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences (FSAS)!  We are so pleased to have your child in our school this year.   The 2015-2016 school year comes with great expectations as your child embarks upon the middle school experience. We are dedicated to easing the transition from elementary to middle school, and to preparing our students to be successful in high school and beyond. Ultimately, we are devoted to guiding our students on their journey to become “College, Career, and Life Ready.”

We believe that building positive relationships motivates students and staff to live up to high expectations.  Our commitment to building positive  relationships helps provide a safe environment where students are able to grow socially and emotionally.  We also strive to build strong and positive relationships with the parents, caregivers and families of our students.   With that said, your child will be required to have a Communication Folder that needs to be brought home each day, checked by a parent/caregiver, and returned to school daily.

Your continuous support and cooperation is needed in making your child’s first year at FSAS a success.  We thank you in advance.  We encourage you to contact us anytime with questions or concerns via phone or email.



The Sixth Grade Academy Team

Mrs. DiFrancesco, 6th Grade Academy Dean (sdifrancesco@philasd.org)

Ms. Riddick, Advisor of 601 & RELA teacher (tiriddick@philasd.org)

Ms. Roat, Advisor of 602 & ELL teacher (aroat@philasd.org)

Ms. Kelley, Advisor of 603 & Math teacher (kwcollings@philasd.org)

Ms. Holmes, Advisor of 604 & RELA teacher (dspanner@philasd.org)

Ms. Pollitt, Advisor of 605 & Math Support teacher (epollitt@philasd.org)

Ms. Cohen, Advisor of 606 & Math teacher (scohen2@philasd.org)

Ms. Meehan, Advisor of 607 & self-contained class (mmmiller@philasd.org)

Ms. Smith, Advisor of 608 & RELA teacher (vimsmith@philasd.org)

Ms. Skipworth, Math teacher & SBTL (cmskipworth@philasd.org)

Ms. Cruz, Science teacher (jlehman@philasd.org)

Mr. Liptock, Social Studies teacher (bliptock@philasd.org)

Ms. Plowe, RELA Support teacher (mplowe2@philasd.org)