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The first day of school is Monday, August 27, 2018, for all grades including pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. For the first time, the school year is beginning in August.

We look forward to seeing your student as we begin the 2018 – 2019 school year.


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Social Studies (7th)

  • Quarter 1

    • Understand and interpret the different types of maps
    • Define culture and culture traits
    • Identify and describe the five themes of geography
    • Describe Europe’s geography, and climate
    • Describe the Greek culture and the Roman Empire
    • Describe the Renaissance and the Reformation
    • Describe the changes that occurred during the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions
    • Explain the causes and effects of WWI and WWII
    • Analyze the differences between the Cold War and WWI and WWII
    • Examine how costs, benefits, incentives and risks are interrelated
    • Understand that competition in the marketplace helps keep prices low
  • Quarter 2

    • Identify the benefits of membership in the Eastern Union
    • Describe the cultural heritage of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Poland
    • Describe how the Nile, the Tigris, and the Euphrates Rivers have influenced life in the  region
    • Describe the location, government, and struggles of Mesopotamian city-states
    • Describe the importance of religion in ancient Egypt
    • Identify the Five Pillars of Islam and describe the spread of the religion
    • Describe the conflicts caused by religious and ethnic differences among people in the region
    • Describe the relationship between oil and politics
    • Participate in a Mock Trial
    • Describe the practice of Judaism in modern Israel
    • Identify civil rights issues in present-day Turkey
  • Quarter 3

    • Identify renewable and nonrenewable resources
    • Describe European colonialism in Africa
    • Describe how European nations divided Western and Central Africa
    • Describe the importance of African arts and mineral resources
    • Identify the great trade empires in Eastern and Southern Africa
    • Trace the history of colonization and settlement in South Africa
    • Identify contributions of African Americans to the history of Philadelphia
    • Describe and examine Philadelphia as a “City of Neighborhoods”
    • Compare and contrast the immigration experience of the Jewish, Irish and Italian people
    • Identify Philadelphia as a city of neighborhoods
    • Compare and contrast simple vs. compound interest
    • Understand risk and understand the incentives for taking risks
    • Examine and analyze the rights given under the 4th and 5th amendments
    • Understand and explain the immigration of the Chinese people to Philadelphia
    • Quarter 4

    • Describe the cultural aspects of Eastern and Southern Africa
    • Analyze why Southeast Asia was a crossroads of trade and culture
    • Identify the different types of government that exist in South Asia
    • Explain the influence of India and China on the cultures of Southeast Asia
    • Explain the causes of the Vietnam War and the United States’ involvement
    • Explain the challenges that faced the Qing dynasty and led to its eventual downfall
    • Describe changes in Japan during the last century, and explain the rebuilding of Japan’s economy after WWII
    • Describe the economies of Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania
    • Explain how the Antarctic Treaty has influenced human activity in Antarctica
    • Practice economic reasoning by using a decision grid
    • Understand how taxes are paid and examine the costs and benefits for different groups of people
    • Understand and explain the State and Federal firearms laws
    • Understand and discuss drug crimes, federal drug laws, Forfeiture and drug prevention

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